Lhasa Apso Puppies

We are planning our next litter for later this summer 2020

No puppies at the moment. We are planning our next litters but because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not really sure if we have to use plan B or even plan C. So please be patient and follow these pages.

I will leave the old ad here as one of these 2018-puppies might be a sire or dam of our next litters!

5 boys and one girl was born on 22nd March 2018. One of the boys is copper sable, one is copper sable with white markings and three boys are black with white markings. The only girl is black with white markings. This is a very special litter for us and have been specially planned to give us new fresh material and possibilities for our breeding program.

The sire of this litter is our guest, wonderful particolor male CIB FI & CZ & SK & PL & LT Ch CZ jCh Yarmilan Man With No Eyes. Domino moved to Czech Republic as a youngster to live with Eliska Vaskova, kennel Dar Tibetu. There he has sired some very promising puppies and some of them have already gained some nice titles.
While visiting in Finland Domino left another very promising litter to kennel Taivaskatseen
Domino’s dad is a black Yarmilan Kingda-Ka, almost all British lines. His mother is Bishakha, who has a sire of Hamilton lines and mother out of El-Minjas European/British lines.
Domino is a masculine boy with a handsome head and fantastic bite. He has a beautiful topline and tail. He is very balanced on angulations and has strong chest. His movement is classical beautiful and balanced typical Lhasa apso movement.

The dam of the litter is our young red girl Yarmilan Life On Mars “Muru”, who started her show career very promising (for example res-CAC from Finland). Unfortunately Muru didn’t get along with the other bitch in her pack and we decided to place her in a pet home where she is the queen of the house.
Muru’s sire is Pohj & FI & SE & DK &EE & LV Mva Yarmilan Smell The Magic “Choco”, who is again sired by a handsome black & tan male from South America CIB Multi Ch. Simbad Del Alcazar (who also visited us).  Choco’s dam is the black beauty Yarmilan Dayanita (BISS CIB Ch. Kai-La-Sha Fire Power x Hilmanter’s Bastet).
Muru’s dam is our sweet and beautiful golden sable girl from USA, Kai-La-Sha Sweet Salsa, who represents Hamilton lines.
Muru is a beautiful feminine 24 cm bitch with classical Lhasa Apso proportions. She has a wonderful head with fantastic authentic Lhasa Apso expression. Muru has efficient movent because of her excellent angulations. She has very nice chest and nice arch of neck.

Domino and Muru complement each other nicely. The puppies are very promising at this point and we are very thrilled to have so many of them and we can’t wait to see them grow!

the parents are both tested clear on their eyes (EVCO) and patellas. They are also DNA-tested against PRA4 and are not carrying the gene. It means that these puppies are also free from PRA4-gene and even their own possible puppies won’t get affected because the affected ones need the gene from both of their parents.
Domino also has HD status A/A

Puppies are raised in our livingroom among the everyday life of our family. They are getting used to other dogs, people (kids too) and are used to go outside several times a day.

For more information, please email us yarmilan@gmail.com


Parents of the puppies

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